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We can help control who gains access to your propertyIt can be very useful to install some level of access control in your Leicester based home or business, perhaps because you want to prevent access to certain secure areas, or you want to control the movement of certain individuals in your property.

In any case, we can provide you an extensive range of access control measures, to ensure that you get the perfect solution for your needs. We’re a locksmith in Leicester that can help you with all of your access control needs.

Access Control Services and Upgrades

This can be a range from, security handles incorporating electronic locking systems (great for a key less entry solution that looks great as well), Wireless Smartair systems (perfect for both internal and external facing doors, with a secure wireless system of entry, allowing you to track when it’s been used), programmable keys (this is useful as when a key is lost, it can simply be removed from the lock memory, meaning you don’t need a full lock change), or a standard watch lock (a heavy duty security lock, allowing you to track in real time who’s using it).

For a detailed quote on your access control needs, please contact us on 07729 554 332.

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