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This is a great way to secure your valuablesI’d like to turn your attention on how to protect your personal items with Immobilise.

Have you ever heard of of Immobilise? It is the UK National Property Register and a police secured by design initiative.

It’s easy to register your items and once done your property will be on a national database. This means that if your property is recovered it will be returned to you.

Another added bonus is the service is completely free to register your goods on the database. What you will need to pay for is the markers for your goods however these are a minimal cost and well worth it.

What can you track with Immobilise?

The types of items you can tag range from goods within the home, but also items such as bikes and even caravans can be registered.

Second hand traders use the CheckMEND database when buying goods so it makes it harder for burglars to sell on the items.

Using immobilise as a burglar deterrent

By putting an immobilise sticker on a window or door it will deter burglars from attempting to break in as they know they have a much bigger risk of being caught with your registered goods.

Another thing to remember is that if you have to make an insurance claim from a break in it is much easier to claim the insurance for the stolen items.

To register your property now visit the Immobilise website

AJ Locksmiths Leicester are specialists in Immobolise, so contact us today for more information, on 07729 554332 or email We operate our services across Leicestershire, including Leicester City Centre, and the outskirts of the county.

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