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Use A Patlock For Additional Security

A Patlock is an additional locking system which can be fitted to french doors and
Patlock in Leicestersingle door handles

By installing a patlock onto your door or window handles you will increase your home security and provide a deterrent to intruders. At AJ Locksmiths Leicester, we appreciate how worrying it can be that an intruder has easy access to your home.

The Patlock can be used all the time or used just when your away for additional security when your home is more vulnerable.

Patlock locking systems for French Doors are easy to use by just sliding one handle and the other on the other handle together over the existing levers and the two metal bars (spindles) click two together preventing the handles from being pushed down. At AJ Locksmiths we can supply these for you to use as and when you require. We can also provide a demonstration if required.

As patio doors are often seen as the weakest security point, a high proportion of

break-ins are attempted through them. This is a fast efficient solution to a security weakness.

For the single Patlock a Locksmith will be needed to fit this for you. These sash jammers can be fitted to both doors and windows for additional security.

To see how easy it is to use the Patlock, take a look at the video below.Patlock in Leicestershire

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