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It’s a very delicate process removing or transporting a safe to a new location, as the internal mechanisms can become damaged during transit, and a lot of the anti-theft devices will have motion sensors to detect brute force attacks. This means if you need to relocate your safe you need specialist equipment, in which we secure your safe during its transportation, helping to keep it safe and unharmed during your move.

Our team utilize specialist moving equipment and heavy duty protection to ensure we can take your safe up flights of stairs with relative ease, while keeping it protected at all times.

Call us today for a free quote, on 07729 554 332.

We can help you with:

  • Home / domestic safes
  • Commercial / business safes
  • Gun Cabinets
  • Security cabinets
  • All sages and vaults

Disposing of your old safe

If you want to get rid of your existing safe in Leicester, then we can make it a hassle free experience for you, no matter where you live or how large your safe is, our team will be able to assist with its disposal.

Contact us today, on 07729 554 332.

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