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A security survey can help check for flaws in your homes securityYou may think your home is safe and secure, but from a professional’s eye you might be thinking wrong, as there are countless ways in which a thief can look to exploit holes in your homes security systems, that will leave you, your family and your possessions vulnerable.

Here at AJ Locksmiths Leicester we can come out and assess your homes security, providing you with an accurate security survey that will help you understand the flaws in your current security, so that you can take the necessary steps to update your locks, security lighting, and fences, to become more of a deterrent to burglars.

Contact us today, on 07729 554 332.

What’s Involved In A Security Survey?

This is a full assessment of both the internal and external entry points of your property, and involves various security checks of locks, fencing, deterrents and other factors. It also checks to make sure your home is fully covered by your insurance.

We are professional locksmiths and security experts, fully insured and trained to perform assessments on your home.

Contact us today, on 07729 554 332.

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