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uPVC Window Repairs Leicester – Fix Your Fault

Here at AJ Locksmiths Leicester, we’ve been fully trained to handle fixing all types of uPVC doors and windows, and so if your conservatory or plastic windows are starting to cease up or not work properly, then our highly experienced team can get the job done quickly, and professionally.

Often we find that uPVC windows suffer from age related break downs, such as seals in the joints failing, the hinges weakening and bending under constant use, condensation forming causing fogged or misted up windows, or locks / mechanism failures.

The good news is you don’t need to go out and buy a new set of doors or windows, as these problems can be easily repaired by our skilled locksmiths, which could save you thousands of pounds.

Whether it’s your double glazing that’s failing, or your conservatory, we can fix it for you for a great price, with a professional service that’ll have your uPVC windows working as good as new, without changing the whole window units, but replacing and resealing the glass as well.

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Our window repair service

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Repairing Your uPVC Window Locks

There are two main sources of uPVC window lock problems, which are the lock itself, or the internal mechanism that controls the opening of the door, leading to being unable to open, close, or turn the key inside. We are highly skilled at finding and solving the fault in your lock, with experience in many different styles and brands of window locks.

Gaps in Seals Causing Leaks and Draughts

Another really common and annoying problem is when the seals in your windows become faulty, causing water and draughty air to get inside your home, a nightmare in cold conditions, as this can freeze and cause the units to misalign, not to mention making your home cold.

Glazing Your uPVC Windows

You might need to replace the glass inside your windows if they’ve become fogged or misty, which is quite common in slightly older units, and therefore you’ll be after a window glazier in Leicester you can trust, helping to fix your double glazing before it becomes an even bigger problem. We offer free quotations on our glazing service, with a friendly and professional consultation, with no obligation to buy at all.

Our Window Repair Services – uPVC Problems Fixed

  • uPVC Window locks and lock mechanisms – if you’ve got a faulty lock, whether it’s a snapped key, the door doesn’t function correctly, or there’s a snapped part of the mechanism, we can fix it.
  • Damaged uPVC window hinges – these hinges will often become warped or wear down with constant use, and so need fixing every once in a while.
  • uPVC security devices – safety and security are important, and you can make your windows child safe with lock restrictors, or alternatively a useful uPVC window cable, all child safety features.
  • uPVC window handles – the handle might have weakened, or even fallen off, but don’t worry we can fix it.

You can browse our other locksmith services here.

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07729 554 332

Tony Richardson

Owner at AJ Locksmiths Leicester
Tony is an expert with over 20 years experience in the field. He provides services to a wide range of customers across Leicestershire, both residential and commercial.
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