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We can remove bank vault doors and locksThe job of carefully removing a bank vault door and door frame, is a very specialist service, and one that requires good experience and a delicate touch, to ensure nothing becomes damaged in the process. If your premises has an old bank vault door inside it that’s getting in the way of your renovation plans, then we can help with its removal and disposal in Leicester. AJ Locksmiths Leicester have a team dedicated and experienced in removing vaults and vault doors, ensuring you can get a fresh start on your building, without these heavy and annoying things holding you back.

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Commercial Lock Services For Removing Old Vaults and Doors

If your business residents has an unwanted door, vault, or lock fitting that you want to get rid of, then we can help. Get the job completed by a professional locksmith, so that you can ensure the proper care and attention is taken over it. For more information on our commercial locksmith services, click here.

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