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We can board up your windows after a break inWe here at AJ Locksmiths Leicester can help you board up your residential or commercial property after damage has occured to your windows. Our window boarding up service in Leicester is perfect if your window has been smashed, or you’ve been burgled. We can be out to your property or business residents in record time, with a 24 hour service to help you in your time of need, you can rely on us. It’s important to keep your home or business secure at all times, and while your windows are wide open you are vulnerable, so don’t delay, call us now to arrange the service on 07729 554 332.

Closing Down or a Refurbishment?

In the case of closing down a business, or refurbishing the insides, you will often want privacy while you do it by boarding up outward facing doors and windows. Our boarding up service is perfect in this case, helping you maintain privacy while you get things done inside.

Emergency after Break-ins or Vandalism

As part of our emergency service, we offer window boarding after the result of vandalism or burglars gaining entry through your window. We can secure your window, and help to maintain evidence for a local authority or member of the police to assess the damage. We are fully insured and can provide evidence for the insurance company also. Please call us today for help with your boarding up needs. We will remove broken glass, and help you with anything else you need.

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