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Birstall Locksmiths Leicester was founded in 2003, and we have over 15 years as a locksmith, with many happy customers over the years.

Birstall Locksmiths Our Services

At Birstall Locksmiths we have a range of residential locksmith services to help you make your home secure. Also we offer lock upgrades, repairs, uPVC door and window fixes, security surveys, and much more. We also offer a 24 hour emergency locksmith service, helping to gain access to your home. Lock repairs – we will fix your existing lock so it works again. uPVC door repairs – we can fix the locking mechanism inside the door.

Also uPVC window repairs – we can fix complicated window lock mechanism. Security survey – Furthermore our locksmith can assess your home from a security stand point. We also don’t charge for call outs, and we don’t charge VAT. Whatever time of day Birstall Locksmith are here to help. So if you need a lock changing Or maybe a uPVC door or window fixed? We cover Leicester and Leicestershire with our Locksmith services. Call Birstall Locksmiths Today on 07729554332

Lock replacements and upgrade.

Have you checked that all of your locks are up to insurance standard? At locksmiths Leicester we will always make sure that any locks we fit will satisfy your home insurance company, if your unsure if your locks are insurance standard give us a call and we will be more than happy to help. Having the correct specification of lock is extremely important to keeping you property secure. Lost your keys and need your locks changing? Or maybe you have just moved home and want to make sure you are the only person with the keys to your new home? We can supply and fit new locks to your house to maintain the security of your house, we also offer discounts for people moving home

Upvc Gearbox and Multi Point Lock Replacement and Upgrades

Barrel and cylinder replacement with new keys .Multi-point gearboxes and locking mechanism and cylinder replacement. Agents for Ultion, high security ‘Anti-snap’ locks Commercial & domestic services. Installers of Master Key systems Cylinder security upgrades Matched single keyed cylinders. 

The first thing to mention is that, if you are having difficulty locking your uPVC door lock, phone us straight away, as we are a upvc locksmith specialist. We can usually adjust the door or lock and prevent any more damage being done to your door mechanism. This obviously prevents you from having to buy a new one and so saves you money. If you leave it and the problem isn’t rectified, you may well break the gearbox on your door mechanism, resulting in you needing it replaced. Which can cost more in the long term.

Birstall Locksmiths Call 07729554332

If your double glazing door or double glazing door lock is already broken, it is normally one of two things. Either the mechanism is faulty or your cylinder is faulty. You can tell which it is quite easily. If the problem seems to be with the key turning incorrectly, then it is likely to be a faulty Cylinder. Also If the problem seems to be with the handle, then it is most likely due to a broken door mechanism. This is the bigger of the two jobs, and a larger expense. If it’s a problem with the cylinder, we will be able to fix the problem straight away. If it’s a problem with the uPVC door lock mechanism, we will open it for you and replace it. We can usually have a new mechanism on your door and working within two hours of arriving. Always call  Birstall Locksmiths as we are a Upvc Locksmith specialist.

 Birstall Locksmiths Commercial Services

Birstall Locksmiths If you own a business in Leicester, and have been locked out or need your business security reviewing, Birstall Locksmiths provides a Commercial Locksmith Leicester service. When working with business clients, we aim to provide you with a confidential and professional service. No matter what security problem you’re have.

Commercial Locksmiths WhitwickSo if you have a roller shutter that’s broken or won’t lock, or you need extra security added to you doors, we can help you. Furthermore with offer  a great price too. We provide a full locksmith service to the Leicester and Leicestershire area.

We can do a security audit of your business, making sure that everything is in order. Vulnerable areas pointed out and the necessary advice given. No security flaws  would be left so burglars can gain access to your business.

Birstall Locksmiths can supply you with modern, anti snap euro cylinder, push pads and push bars, and security products.So if you are ever in need a commercial locksmith in Leicester or Leicestershire, then contact us today for a free quote, on 07729 554 332. Furthermore  visit our  page by clicking here

Commercial Locksmiths Whitwick

We offer the following services for our business and commercial clients:

  • Getting you in the building from a broken lock or lost key
  • Locks changed
  • Push Bars and push pads
  • Fire Safety Door Mechanisms

At Birstall Locksmiths we also offer a 24 hour emergency locksmith service for you and your business, so why not save our number to your phone or diary today. For emergencies call us on 07729 554 332  or for non emergency situations you can email us at For some free advice.

Call  Birstall LocksmithsToday 07729554332

Whatever time of day Birstall Locksmith Leicester are here to help. So if you need a lock changing Or maybe a uPVC door or window fixed? We cover Leicester and Leicestershire with our Locksmith services.


The Ultion range of Euro cylinders is possibly the strongest and best on the market.
Designed to withstand every type of attack the Ultion cylinder is Birstall Locksmiths choice for Euro cylinders.

Locksmits Anstey whitwick locksmithsABS Euro Cylinder is the highest acredited euro cylinder lock available on the market – proven to protect homes against lock snapping attacks by featuring snap secure technology..


We will be with you as soon as possible( normally within one hour). Furthermore your security is our top priority. When you call you can rest assured that there is no hard sell. You will be speaking to a real local locksmith with the knowledge and experience to help you. We will provide you with a professional service at an affordable price and a reliable service.
For more information about all the above services. In addition you can call us on 07729554332. For more information on Birstall Locksmiths visit one of our other website.

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