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We are now offering a full locksmith service to Loughborough

A Locksmiths Service to Loughborough, Leicestershire

Fast and professional locksmith in Loughborough.

If you’re locked out and you need a friendly face to help get you back in, then give AJ Locksmiths a call. We serve the whole area, including Loughborough and Charnwood, with many happy customers from previous jobs in the area.

Our 24/7 emergency service covers both Loughborough and Charnwood. If you’re locked out in Loughborough, then give us a call today on 07729 554 332.

We help you get back in if you're locked out

Letting a customer back inside at night.
Tony (owner) after a successful job.

Any Time – Any Place

Call our 24 hour helpline now, on:

07729 554 332

About Our Loughborough Locksmith Service

Tony has been running AJ Locksmiths for well over 20 years and is seen as one of the leading Locksmiths in Loughborough. We offer a 24 hour call out service, where we aim to be with you within 1 hour of calling and getting your job completed. Don’t be locked out your home, or don’t wait for tomorrow to change your locks. If you are looking for a locksmith in Loughborough, we can help.

Loughborough Security And Crime Information

The local crimes reported in LoughboroughAs you can see the crime incidents reported in Loughborough are heavily situated around the centre of the town, with most being reported in the very centre. However crime rates reported in the Leicester Mercury show that the students are actually the safest in the country from a crime perspective.

If you want to upgrade the security of your home or business in Loughborough, then browse our locksmith services for more information.

Loughborough Information

Loughborough is a fantastic town, with plenty of new and exciting things to go and do, see and enjoy! Checkout the following info about the Leicestershire town of Loughborough.

Things to do in Loughborough

There are plenty of interesting things to do in Loughborough, including:

  • Great Central Railway ( – go and see the exciting steam engines and other interesting things around trains. A great day out.
  • Beaumanor Hall ( – visit this interesting building and gardens, perfect for families and couples.

Famous People From Loughborough

There are various famous and important people who come from the Loughborough area, including:

Sports Teams in Loughborough

The main sports teams in Loughborough are with the University, but there is one other main team, so here they are:

Events in Loughborough

Some of the locally focused events in Loughborough coming up can be found at

Business in Loughborough

There are various businesses in Loughborough, all specialising in different things. Some of the best rated businesses are:

  • Go Outdoors Loughborough ( – an outdoor clothing shop in Loughborough that sells walking boots and other gear.
  • AJ Locksmiths Loughborough ( – offering a full locksmith service to Loughborough and Charnwood.
  • Elf Foods ( – A health food shop that offers a great range of healthy produce.

Loughborough News

As of the 14th February 2017, the local news is:

Tony Richardson

Owner at AJ Locksmiths Leicester
Tony is an expert with over 20 years experience in the field. He provides services to a wide range of customers across Leicestershire, both residential and commercial.

Tony has also edited our commercial locksmith service, our about us page, and our homepage.

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