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Oadby Locksmiths

Locksmith Oadby Founded in 2003, and we have over 15 years as a locksmith, with many happy customers over the years. He also has a very technical background, having worked in technical engineering before that. So contact Tony at any time, to discuss your home security problems we have services that are here to help you with all issues from simple lock fitting and emergency door openings, to the installation of complete door entry systems, Lock Changes, Lost Keys, Locked Out, Burglary Repairs,Lock Repairs, Upvc and Composite Door Repairs, We work with business and home owners across Leicester and Leicestershire

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Some of the Brands

At Oadby Locksmiths  our aim is to offer you the best service possible, and therefore only use well known and trusted brands. Yale, ERA and Union across the industry


Locksmith Oadby are  highly trained and are always happy and available to advise customers about theLocksmith Oadby options available and the prices involved. If your existing uPVC locks are in need of repair or replacement, we can help. We will we get your home secure again.

Oadby Locksmiths Our Services

New Locks and Lock Replacements

Locksmith Oadby 

  • Mortise locks fitted from new, replaced or upgraded to  British Standard
  • Yale locks fitted, replace or upgraded.
  • Internal door locks.Locksmith Oadby
  • uPVC multipoint locks replacements.
  • Provide Keyed Alike cylinders
  • Repair all Locks
  • Supply Anti-Snap locks
  • Repair and replace Euro Cylinders and Mortice Locks

New Locks Fitted

Locksmith Oadby we have a range of  locksmith services to help you make your home secure. Also we offer lock upgrades, repairs, uPVC door and window fixes, security surveys, and much more. WeLocksmith Oadby also offer a 24 hour emergency locksmith service, helping to gain access to your home. Lock repairs – we will fix your existing lock so it works again. uPVC door repairs – we can fix the locking mechanism inside the door, so it works like new. Also uPVC window repairs – we can fix complicated window lock mechanism. 

Lock replacements and upgrade.

Have you checked that all of your locks are up to insurance standard? At Locksmith Oadby  we will always make sure that any locks we fit will satisfy your home insurance company, if you are unsure that your locks are insurance standard give us a call and we will be more than happy to help. Having the correct specification of lock is extremely important to keeping you property secure. Lost your keys and need your locks changing? Or maybe you have just moved home and want to make sure you are the only person with the keys to your new home? We can supply and fit new locks to your house to maintain the security of your house.

Locksmiths Leicester City Centre
locksmiths oadby

The Ultion range of Euro cylinders is possibly the strongest and best on the market.
Designed to withstand every type of attack the Ultion cylinder is Locksmith Oadby  choice for Euro cylinders.

images (39)


Passes All Lock Tests Your ABS lock has been tested by the Master Locksmith Association and has achieved the coveted    Sold Secure Diamond standard

Is your home secure?

Furthermore at Locksmith Oadby, we understand the importance of keeping your home and family safe. That’s why we offer a wide range of locksmith services, including: Lock installation and repair,Key cutting and duplication,Security system installation and maintenance. So if you’re looking for a reliable and experienced locksmith in Oadby, call Locksmith Oadby today!

Here are just a few reasons why you should choose Locksmith Oadby We’re fully insured and licensed,We use the latest tools and technology,We offer competitive rates,We provide a fast and reliable service

Call Locksmith Oadby today on 07729554332 for a free quote!


Commercial Locksmiths

For Oadby

Need your business security reviewing,Locksmith Oadby provides a Commercial Locksmith service. When working with business clients, we aim to provide you with a confidential and professional service. No matter what security problem you’re have.

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Here at Locksmith Oadby we are the leading commercial locksmiths, holding over 15 years of experience within the industry. All of our staff are CRB checked, have the latest training and product knowledge, alongside full public liability insurance of up to 2 million pounds.

Locksmith Oadby 

Call Oadby Locksmiths  Today

Ready to enhance the security of your home or business in Oadby? Look no further than Locksmith Oadby. Our team of skilled professionals is dedicated to providing top-notch locksmith services that ensure the safety of your property.

Whether you need a lock upgrade, emergency lockout assistance, or a security consultation, we’ve got you covered. Don’t compromise on your security  call Locksmith Oadby today and experience the peace of mind that comes with expert locksmith solutions. Your safety is our priority – contact us now to schedule your appointment!

Whatever time of day Locksmith Oadby are here to help. So if you need a lock changing Or maybe a uPVC door or window fixed? We cover Leicester and Leicestershire with our Locksmith services. Call us Now 

Locksmith Oadby are a reliable and experienced locksmith service. You can call me on 07729554332 and talk directly to a professional, accredited locksmith.

No call out fee – if I cannot open your lock or fix your lock problem there will be absolutely no charge. You will be given a fixed price when you call and there will be no extras (unless for example your lock is substantially different than the one you describe for any reason)

Common Problems With uPVC Doors

Here at Locksmith Oadby upvc door lock repairs we have repaired and installed almost every type of uPVC locking system on today’s market,Locksmith Oadby Locksmith Oadbyfrom single catch window locks to high security, multi-point deadbolt mechanisms, we deal with them all.
If your uPVC locks are giving cause for concern, phone us now. Don’t wait until your key has snapped in the lock, or you can’t gain entry to your home. Constant opening and closing eventually loosen screws, hinges and handles, allowing doors and windows to twist, and causing locks to drop out of alignment. For information regarding our services, please call us today 07729554332

uPVC doors main problems with your uPVC doors, will be the mechanism, which can be quite flimsy especially if you have heavy handed children using it daily, but you can also have handles that become limp or faulty, locks that break or keys that get stuck, and of course the hinges which we already mentioned. The mechanism inside your uPVC door over time can fail, making it impossible to lock your door again. If you’re having trouble with your door, then we can assist you.

Locksmith Oadby Call 07729554332

UPVC locks are a popular choice for homeowners due to their durability and security features. However, like any lock, UPVC locks can experience issues over time. Here are some of the most common problems with UPVC locks and how to address them:

  1. Misaligned doors: If your UPVC door is misaligned, it can put pressure on the lock and cause it toLocksmith Oadby malfunction. Locksmith Oadby can realign the door to prevent this issue.
  2. Broken keys: Keys can break off in the lock, making it difficult or impossible to open. Locksmith Oadby can extract the broken key and repair or replace the lock as needed.
  3. Worn out or damaged locking mechanism: Over time, the locking mechanism in a UPVC lock can become worn out or damaged, making it difficult to lock or unlock the door. Locksmith Oadby can repair or replace the mechanism to restore proper function.
  4. Sticky lock: A lock that is difficult to turn or feels sticky can be caused by dirt or debris in the mechanism. Locksmith Oadby can clean the lock to restore smooth operation.
  5. Door not fully closing: If your UPVC door is not fully closing, it can prevent the lock from engaging properly. Locksmith Oadby can adjust the door to ensure that it is closing properly.

Overall, UPVC locks are a reliable choice for homeowners. However, if you experience any issues with your UPVC lock,  contact Locksmith Oadby to address the issue promptly. By addressing issues early on, you can prevent more costly repairs down the line and ensure the security of your home.

uPVC Lock Specialists

Have you recently moved into a new home? Are you  concerned about the existing door and window locks? Locksmith Oadby can survey your current security situation, and upgrade your locks with quality and affordable solutions. Home and workplace security is a serious concern for everyone, and it’s important not to wait until you’ve become another burglary statistic. In addition if you have any reason to be concerned about your uPVC door and window locks please give us a call.Locksmith Oadby

Locksmith OadbyLocksmith Oadby  are also fully equipped to supply keyed-alike lock cylinders. Where a single key will operate all your window locks, and another for all your door locks, perfect for those who are fed up with a handful of keys for each lock in your home. Also, if you are concerned about an elderly member of the family living alone, we can supply and fit key override cylinders which allow entry in emergency situations, even if a key has been left in the inside lock. Our prices are highly competitive and our response times are excellent. Furthermore if you would like to arrange for Locksmith Oadby to come and see you, please give us a call today 07729554332

uPVC Window Repairs

At Locksmith Oadby we have been fully trained to handle fixing all types of uPVC doors and windows. Hence if your conservatory, plastic windows are starting to cease up or not work properly, call Locksmith Oadby on 07729554332.
Often we find that uPVC windows suffer from age related break downs, such as seals in the joints failing. The hinges weakening and bending under constant use.Locksmith Oadby
The good news is you don’t need to go out and buy a new set of doors or windows, as these problems can be easily repaired by our skilled locksmiths, which could save you thousands of pounds.

Whether it’s your double glazing that’s failing, orLocksmith Oadby your conservatory, we can fix it for you for a great price. With a professional service that’ll have your uPVC windows working as good as new. Without changing the whole window units, but replacing and resealing the glass as well.

Repairing Your uPVC Window Locks

There are two main sources of uPVC window lock problems. They are the lock itself, or the internal mechanism that controls the opening of the window. This leads to not being able to open, close, or turn the key inside. We are highly skilled at finding and solving the fault in your lock, with experience in many different styles and brands of window lock

When you have a faulty lock, if it is a snapped key, the door doesn’t function correctly, or there’s a snapped part of the mechanism, we can fix it.
Damaged uPVC window hinges – these hinges will often become warped or wear down with constant use.

Secure Your New Home: The Importance of Changing Door Locks After Moving

Moving into a new home is an exciting chapter, but amidst the unpacking and settling in, it’s crucial not to overlook a fundamental aspect of home security – changing your door locks. Securing your new abode with updated locks is a paramount step in ensuring the safety and peace of mind for you and your loved ones. Let’s delve into the reasons why changing your door locks after a move is a non-negotiable.

1. Unknown Accessibility:

When you move into a new property, you can never be entirely sure who might still have access to your home. Previous owners, real estate agents, contractors, or even neighbors with spare keys pose potential security risks. Changing the locks guarantees that you are the sole controller of who has access to your new space.

2. Protect Against Key Duplication:

During the home-selling process, various copies of keys may have been distributed. To eliminate the risk of unauthorized key duplication, investing in new locks is a prudent measure. Modern, high-security locks provide enhanced resistance against picking and copying, fortifying your home against potential threats.

3. Peace of Mind for Your Family:

Moving can be a stressful experience, and the last thing you want to worry about is the security of your new home. Changing your door locks offers peace of mind, allowing you to focus on creating a comfortable and secure environment for your family without lingering concerns about who might have access.

4. Insurance Compliance:

Some home insurance policies may require proof of updated locks to maintain coverage. By promptly changing your locks after moving, you not only bolster your home’s security but also ensure that you remain in compliance with your insurance provider’s requirements, potentially leading to lower premiums.

5. Customized Security Solutions:

Every home is unique, and so are its security needs. Upgrading your locks allows you to choose systems that align with your specific requirements, whether it’s smart locks with remote access or traditional deadbolts for added strength. Tailoring your security measures ensures optimal protection for your new residence.

In conclusion, changing your door locks after moving is a small yet powerful investment in the safety of your home and loved ones. Don’t let the excitement of a new chapter overshadow the importance of security. Take the proactive step of updating your locks, and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your home is truly yours.

Key Aliked and Master Key Systems

The Key Alike and Master Key systems are both interesting concepts in the world of locks and keys. In a Key Alike system, multiple locks are designed to be opened by the same key. It’s convenient if you have several locks, like in an office or a building, and you want to minimize the number of keys you need to carry.

On the other hand, a Master Key system takes it a step further. In this system, each lock has its own individual key (known as the Change Key), but there’s also a Master Key that can open all the locks. This hierarchical approach is often used in larger organizations or buildings where different individuals or groups need access to specific areas, but there’s also a need for a universal key for certain personnel.

It’s like having different levels of access—some keys open specific doors, and one key opens almost all doors. It’s a clever way to balance security and convenience. Ever had to deal with these systems?

It’s great for homeowners with a large number of external doors, and saves you carrying around  different keys.

 Master key For All Locks

Locksmith Oadby

Here at Locksmith Oadby we can supply, install and design a Master Key system for your home or business, whether it’s a small or large project, we offer a free quote before work is submitted. For more information, give us a call on 07729 554 332. You can find out more information about our services or AJ Locksmiths here.

Locksmith Oadby Advice on Master Key Systems for Offices and Businesses

In the dynamic landscape of office and business security, Locksmith Oadby emerges as a beacon of expertise, providing invaluable advice on the implementation of master key systems. In this  piece, we’ll explore the benefits, considerations, and practical tips offered by Locksmith Oadby to businesses seeking to enhance their security infrastructure.Locksmith Oadby

Understanding the Essence of Master Key Systems:

Master key systems serve as the linchpin in creating a seamless and secure access control solution for offices and businesses. Locksmith Oadby emphasizes the versatility of these systems, allowing for customizable access levels, enhanced security, and streamlined efficiency.

Benefits for Offices and Businesses:

  1. Tailored Security Solutions: Locksmith Oadby understands that not all businesses have the same security needs. Master key systems provide the flexibility to create a tailored security solution, allowing specific individuals or departments access to designated areas while maintaining overall control.
  2. Efficient Access Management: With a master key system, Locksmith Oadby highlights the efficiency gained through simplified key management. Employees can carry a single key that grants them access to areas relevant to their roles, reducing the complexity of managing multiple keys.
  3. Enhanced Security Measures: Locksmith Oadby underscores the heightened security that master key systems offer. By restricting access to certain areas, businesses can minimize the risk of unauthorized entry, protecting sensitive information, assets, and ensuring a safe working environment.

Locksmith Oadby Tips for Implementing Master Key Systems:

  1. Thorough Security Assessment: Locksmith Oadby recommends beginning the journey towards a secure workplace by conducting a comprehensive security assessment. Identify critical areas that require restricted access and establish the hierarchy of access levels needed.
  2. Professional Installation: Locksmith Oadby emphasizes the importance of professional installation for a seamless and secure master key system. Their team of experts is well-versed in the intricacies of system design and installation, ensuring optimal functionality.
  3. Strategic Key Hierarchy Planning: Locksmith Oadby advises businesses to strategically plan the key hierarchy. This involves determining the access levels required for different personnel or departments, aligning with the organizational structure.
  4. Clear Key Control Policies: Locksmith Oadby places a strong emphasis on establishing clear key control policies within the organization. Implementing strict control measures, such as key issuance records and reclaiming procedures, helps prevent unauthorized duplication or misuse of keys.
  5. Regular Maintenance and Audits: To ensure the longevity and effectiveness of the master key system, Locksmith Oadby recommends scheduling regular maintenance and audits. Periodic reviews and updates based on changing organizational needs are crucial for optimal performance.Locksmith Oadby

Unlocking Success with Locksmith Oadby

Choosing Locksmith Oadby as a partner in implementing master key systems ensures businesses unlock the full potential of enhanced security and efficient access control. Their commitment to professionalism, expertise, and customer satisfaction sets them apart as the go-to authority for businesses seeking to fortify their security infrastructure.

Locksmith Oadby are a trusted guide in navigating the complexities of master key systems for offices and businesses. By understanding the benefits, considerations, and practical tips provided by Locksmith Oadby.

Furthermore a master key system can greatly improve the security of an organisation by restricting staff access to certain areas, whilst making access to required areas much easier. Many businesses can have staff that work in more than one area e.g. cleaners, caretakers, security staff, delivery staff. Keys can be designed that will only allow access to authorised areas.

 Commercial Locksmith Services

If you own a business in Oadby,need your business security reviewing, Locksmith Oadby provides a Commercial Locksmith service. When working with business clients, we aim to provide you with a confidential and professional service. No matter what security problem you’re have.

So if you have a roller shutter that’s broken or won’t lock, or you need extra security added to you doors, we can help you. Furthermore with offer  a great price too. We provide a full locksmith service  in the Oadby area.

We can do a security audit of your business, making sure that everything is in order. Vulnerable areas pointed out and the necessary advice given. No security flaws  would be left so burglars can gain access to your business.

Commercial Locksmith in Oadby

 Locksmith Oadby can supply you with modern, anti snap euro cylinder, push pads and push bars, and security products. So if you are ever in need a commercial Locksmith in Oadby, then contact us today for a free quote, on 07729 554 332. 

Locksmith Oadby

We offer the following services for our business and commercial clients:

  • Getting you in the building from a broken lock or lost key
  • Locks changedLocksmith Oadby
  • Push Bars and push pads
  • Fire Safety Door Mechanisms

When it comes to running a successful business, security is a top priority. Protecting your assets, employees, and customers is essential to maintaining the integrity and reputation of your business.

Locksmith Oadby specialize in providing security solutions for businesses of all sizes. They understand the unique needs of commercial properties and can design and implement customized security solutions to meet those needs. Whether you need electronic locks, keyless entry systems, or high-security locks, a commercial locksmith can help.

Locksmith Oadby

One of the main benefits of using  Locksmith Oadby  is the peace of mind it provides. With a professional locksmith on your side, you can rest assured that your property is secure and protected.Locksmith Oadby

Locksmith Oadby can also provide ongoing maintenance andLocksmith Oadby repair services to ensure that your security systems are functioning properly. They can conduct security assessments to identify potential weaknesses and provide recommendations for improvemen

At Locksmith Oadby  we also offer a 24 hour emergency locksmith service for you and your business, so why not save our number to your phone or diary today. For emergencies call us on 07729 554 332  or for non emergency situations you can email us at For some free advice.

Locksmith Oadby

Locksmith Oadby  was founded in 2003. We have over 20 years as a locksmith, with many happy customers over the years. He also has a very technical background, having worked in technical engineering before that. So contact Tony at any time, to discuss your home security problems.

We are a reputable locksmith company. Furthermore we provide a range of locksmith services for residential, commercial, including emergency lockouts, key duplication, lock installation, repair services.

Furthermore Locksmith Oadby have over 20 years of experience, their team of skilled and professional locksmiths is available 24/7 to assist clients with all their locksmith needs. We pride themselves on their fast and efficient service, with a focus on customer satisfaction. Locksmith Oadby  use the latest tools and techniques to ensure that locks and security systems are installed and repaired properly. They also offer competitive pricing and free security consultations to help clients make informed decisions about their security needs.

Locksmith Oadby  

Locksmith Oadby Covers Leicester and Leicestershire 

We also offer a 24 hours 7 days a week service. This covers all types of locksmith work from, lock-outs toLocksmith Oadby lock changes. We have a no ‘call-out’ fee, no fix no fee and a no call out charge policy. Furthermore our aim is to get to you within one hour. Customer service and value for money is our main focus.We will be with you as soon as possible( normally within one hour). Furthermore your security is our top priority. When you call you can rest assured that there is no hard sell. You will be speaking to a real local locksmith with the knowledge and experience to help you. We will provide you with a professional service at an affordable price and a reliable service. AJ Locksmiths, 

Our Job Is To Provid You With Solution and Peace Of Mind

   Solutions with things such as your wooden or UPVC doors and windows, deadbolts and the multitude of locking systems. Now available master key systems as well as safes and working on the security of commercial premises.

At Locksmith Oadby, we understand that your home and family are your top priorities. That’s why we’re committed to providing you with the best possible locksmith services, so you can have peace of mind knowing that your home is safe and secure.

Furthermore we offer a wide range of services, including lock installation and repair, key cutting and duplication, security system installation and maintenance, and emergency lockout services. No matter what your locksmith needs are, we’re here to help.

Our team of experienced and qualified locksmiths is always up-to-date on the latest tools and technology, so you can be sure that you’re getting the best possible service. We also offer competitive rates and fast turnaround times.

But more than anything, we’re committed to providing you with peace of mind. We know that when you have a locksmith issue, it can be stressful and inconvenient. That’s why we’re here to help you every step of the way.

So if you have a locksmith need, don’t hesitate to call Locksmith Oadby today. Hence we’re here to help you get the peace of mind you deserve.

   For more information about all the above services. In addition you can call us on 07729554332.  For more information on Leicester Locksmiths  visit one of our other website. Leicester Locksmiths,
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