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The Master Key System is the perfect way to control the access all of your door locks easily, while allowing employees or family members to access certain doors but not others.Master key

Meaning that you (as the master key owner) will always open every door with your one key. While you can allow certain people to have a key for that one particular lock.

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This is perfect for businesses, as it will making it  quicker to lock up at the end of the day. While still allowing certain employees to have access to their various areas.

It’s great for homeowners with a large number of external doors, and saves you carrying around  different keys.

 Master key For All Locks

Here at AJ Locksmiths Leicester we can supply, install and design a Master Key system for your home or business, whether it’s a small or large project, we offer a free quote before work is submitted.

For more information, give us a call on 07729 554 332.

You can find out more information about our services or AJ Locksmiths here.

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