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Locksmiths Leicester City Centre

At Locksmiths Leicester City Centre we have a range of residential locksmith services to help you make your home secure. Also we offer lock upgrades, repairs, uPVC door and window fixes, security surveys, and much more. We also offer a 24 hour emergency locksmith service, helping to gain access to your home. Lock repairs – we will fix your existing lock so it works again. uPVC door repairs – we can fix the locking mechanism  inside the door, so it works like new. Also uPVC window repairs – we can fix complicated window lock mechanism. 

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Locksmiths Leicester City Centre was founded in 2003, and we have over 15 years as a locksmith, with many happy customers over the years. He also has a very technical background, having worked in technical engineering before that. So contact Tony at any time, to discuss your home security problems

Locksmiths Leicester City Centre

Leicester Leading Locksmiths

Our Services

New Locks and Lock ReplacementsLocksmiths Leicester City Centre 

  • Mortise locks fitted from new, replaced or upgraded to  British Standard
  • Yale locks fitted, replace or upgraded.Locksmiths Leicester City Centre
  • Internal door locks.
  • uPVC multipoint locks  replacements.
  • Provide Keyed Alike Cylinders
  • Repair all Locks
  • Supply Anti-Snap locks
  • Repair and replace EuroCylinders and  Mortice Locks Cylinders  and MorticeLocks

Locksmiths Leicester City Centre  have a range of residential locksmith services to help you make your home secure. Also we offer lock upgrades, repairs, uPVC door and window fixes, security surveys, and much more. We also offer a 24 hour emergency locksmith service, helping to gain access to your home. Lock repairs – we will fix your existing lock so it works again. uPVC door repairs – we can fix the locking mechanism inside the door.

Call 07729554332

Also uPVC window repairs. We can fix complicated window lock mechanism. Security survey. Furthermore our locksmith can assess your home from a security stand point. We also don’t charge for call outs, and we don’t charge VAT. Whatever time of day Locksmiths Leicester City Centre are here to help. So if you need a lock changing Or maybe a uPVC door or window fixed? We cover Leicester and Leicestershire with our Locksmith services. Call Locksmiths Leicester City Centre Today on 07729554332Locksmiths Leicester City Centre

Our residential locksmith

Our residential locksmith service for Leicester is used countless times by many people across the county. Door lock changes, uPVC door and window repairs, and emergency locked out scenarios. Furthermore we operate a 24 hour locksmith service so we’ll get you back inside in no time at all. If you’ve been the victim of a burglary. Then call us 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Also we will make sure you feel safe in your home again. Furthermore our domestic locksmith services are available to everyone. We don’t charge for call outs, and don’t charge VAT, making us a very fairly priced locksmith in the area.

Locksmiths Leicester City Centre

Upvc Gearbox and Multi Point Lock Replacement and Upgrades

Barrel and cylinder replacement with new keys .Multi-point gearboxes and locking mechanism and cylinder replacement. Agents for Ultion, high security ‘Anti-snap’ locks Commercial & domestic services. Installers of Master Key systems Cylinder security upgrades Matched single keyed cylinders.Locksmiths Leicester City Centre 

The first thing to mention is that, if you are having difficulty locking your uPVC door lock. Phone us straight away, as we are a upvc locksmith specialist. We can usually adjust the door or lock and prevent any more damage being done to your door mechanism. This obviously prevents you from having to buy a new one and so saves you money. If you leave it and the problem isn’t rectified, you may well break the gearbox on your door mechanism. Resulting in you needing it replaced. Which can cost more in the long term.

Locksmiths Leicester City Centre

Locksmiths Leicester City CentreIf your double glazing door or double glazing door lock is already broken. It is normally one of two things. Either the mechanism is faulty or your cylinder is faulty. You can tell which it is quite easily. If the problem seems to be with the key turning incorrectly, then it is likely to be a faulty Cylinder. Also If the problem seems to be with the handle, then it is most likely due to a broken door mechanism.

This is the bigger of the two jobs, and a larger expense. If it’s a problem with the cylinder. We will be able to fix the problem straight away. If it’s a problem with the uPVC door lock mechanism, we will open it for you and replace it. We can usually have a new mechanism on your door and working within two hours of arriving. Always call Locksmiths Leicester City Centre as we are a Upvc Locksmith specialist. 

Entry gaining. Lock Changes. Post burglary repairs. Anti-snap locks Smart home installation. UPVC door locks. Wooden door locks. Lock upgrades. Yale locks. uPVC door repairs, uPVC window repairs. Digital locks,Locksmiths Leicester City Centre

Upvc Lock Repairs

Here at Locksmiths Leicester City Centre, upvc lock repairs. We have repaired and installed almost every type of uPVC locking system on today’s market, from single catch window locks to high security, multi-point deadbolt mechanisms, we deal with them all. If your uPVC locks are giving cause for concern, phone our company now. Don’t wait until your key has snapped in the lock, or you can’t gain entry to your home. Problems with uPVC locks and locking systems can often be caused by problems with the doors and windows themselves. Constant opening and closing eventually loosen screws, hinges and handles, allowing doors and windows to twist, and causing locks to drop out of alignment. For information regarding our services, please call us today.

Call Locksmiths Leicester City Centre on 07729554332 For All Your Upvc Lock Repairs and Upgrades

Our Company

Locksmiths Leicester City Centre, is a independent, and also we are a family-run locksmith company. Therefore our focus is on quality lock changes and services. We don’t charge VAT, in addition to no call out charges which saves you 20%  straight away. Furthermore customer satisfaction is always top priority and we always aim to get to all emergency call outs within 1 hour. We have a vast range of materials in stock so generally we can complete your request at the very first visit. You will speak to Tony the owner of Locksmiths Leicester City Centre no matter what time of day or night your call is.

We Are Not a Call Centre

We also offer discounts to students,  and OAP’S . Do not hesitate to contact us on 07729554332 or by filling in the contact us form. Furthermore a  free security check is available for your home or business ensuring  that your locks fulfil your insurance Policy. Locksmiths Leicester City Centre provide expert installation. Replacement and repairs services for a variety of locks, including uPVC locking systems. We use only the highest quality locks, and offer a variety of solutions for homeowners, residential and commercial customers.

Locksmiths Leicester City Centre

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Locksmiths Leicester City Centre

Locksmiths Leicester City Centre

Fully Trained Locksmiths

Our Locksmiths are  highly trained and are always happy and available to advise customers about the options available and the prices involved. If your existing uPVC locks are in need of repair or replacement. Locksmiths Leicester City Centre can help. We will we get your home secure again.

Locksmiths Leicester City Centre also offer a free security check. We will evaluate your home or business and offer solutions so that your family, will remain safe. This service will also include a check to ensure your locks meet the criteria set forth by your insurance policy. We make your safety our number one priority

Locksmiths Leicester City Centre Serves  Leicester and Leicestershire

Locksmiths Leicester City Centre cover Leicester and Leicestershire areas with our locksmith services, and emergency locksmiths services. Stretching out to the far reaches of the county. So view our countless positive reviews from our happy customers. Hence at the same time we always aim to get to the job done very quickly.

Areas Our Company Cover

Hence below is a small list of the areas that we cover. Furthermore remember this list is not extensive. So call us on 07729 554 332 to see if we can help you what ever area of Leicester you might live in. Therefore what ever locksmith problem you have give a quick call to Locksmiths Leicester City Centre. We serve Hinckley, Loughborough, Oadby, Oakham, also Lutterworth, Thurlaston and Whetstone. Plus many more visit our area page to find out more. At Locksmiths Leicester City Centre we are dedicated to providing an excellent locksmith service. At a price everyone can afford. Hence as a result our aim is to give you a quality locksmith service. No matter what area in Leicester you live.

Call Leicester LocksmithsToday 07729554332

Whatever time of day Leicester Locksmiths are here to help. So if you need a lock changing Or maybe a uPVC door or window fixed. We cover Leicester and Leicestershire with our Locksmith services.

We will be with you as soon as possible( normally within one hour). Furthermore your security is our top priority. When you call you can rest assured that there is no hard sell. You will be speaking to a real local locksmith with the knowledge and experience to help you. We will provide you with a professional service at an affordable price and a reliable service.
For more information about all the above services. In addition you can call us on 07729554332. For more information on Leicester Locksmiths visit one of our other website.

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Blink Security Cameras

We Now Supply and Fit Blink Security Cameras

Home security has become a top priority for many homeowners in recent years. With the rise of smart technology. One popular choice is the Blink Security Camera.

Blink Security Cameras are a series of smart home security cameras designed to provide real-time monitoring of your property. These cameras are easy to install and offer a range of features that make them a reliable choice for home security.Locksmiths Leicester City Centre

One of the main advantages of Blink Security Cameras is their wireless design. They operate using a Wi-Fi connection. So you don’t have to worry about cables or wires. This makes installation a breeze, and you can place the cameras wherever you need them without any restrictions.

Call 07729554332

Another notable feature of Blink Security Cameras is their motion detection technology. These cameras use advanced motion sensors to detect any movement on your property. When motion is detected, the cameras will send an alert to your smartphone or tablet. Allowing you to quickly assess the situation.

Blink Security Cameras also come with a free mobile app. Which you can use to view live footage from your cameras at any time. The app is user-friendly and provides access to a range of settings. Including camera sensitivity, motion detection range, and video quality.Locksmiths Leicester City Centre

In addition to these features. Blink Security Cameras also offer cloud storage for your video footage. This means that all your recordings are securely stored in the cloud. So you can access them from anywhere, at any time. You can also choose to download footage to your device if you want to keep a copy for future reference.

Locksmiths Leicester

Overall, Blink Security Cameras are a solid choice for homeowners looking for an easy-to-install, wireless security camera system. With their advanced motion detection technology, mobile app, and cloud storage, Blink cameras provide reliable home security at an affordable price point.

 Leicester Locksmiths 

Commercial Services

Leicester Locksmiths If you own a business in Leicester, and have been locked out or need your business security reviewing, Oadby Locksmiths provides a Commercial Locksmith service. When working with business clients, we aim to provide you with a confidential and professional service. No matter what security problem you’re have.

Locksmiths Leicester City CentreSo if you have a roller shutter that’s broken or won’t lock, or you need extra security added to you doors, we can help you. Furthermore with offer  a great price too. We provide a full locksmith service to the Leicester and Leicestershire area.

We can do a security audit of your business, making sure that everything is in order. Vulnerable areas pointed out and the necessary advice given. No security flaws  would be left so burglars can gain access to your business.

Locksmiths Leicester City CentreLeicester Locksmiths can supply you with modern, anti snap euro cylinder, push pads and push bars, and security products. So if you are ever in need a commercial locksmith in Leicester or Leicestershire, then contact us today for a free quote, on . Furthermore  visit our  page by clicking here

We offer the following services for our business and commercial clients:

  • Getting you in the building from a broken lock or lost key
  • Locks changed
  • Push Bars and push pads
  • Fire Safety Door Mechanisms

Locksmiths Leicester City Centre  Will Take Care of You

At Locksmiths Leicester City Centre we have a range of residential locksmith services to help you make your home secure. Also we offer lock upgrades, repairs. UPVC door and window fixes, security surveys, and much more. We also offer a 24 hour emergency locksmith service, helping to gain access to your home.

  • Lock repairs – we will fix your existing lock so it works again.
  • uPVC door repairs – we can fix the locking mechanism inside the door, so it works like new.
  • Also uPVC window repairs – we can fix complicated window lock mechanism.
  • Security survey – Furthermore our locksmith can assess your home from a security stand point.

Contact us today for a free quote, call 07729 554332.

  • The hinges of my bathroom window came off during Hurricane Doris. I called these guys and they quoted me a much cheaper price than the other two guys i had called before. A new hinge needed to be ordered, but Tony the Locksmith was able to secure the window before he left. He promised to order the hinge as soon as he left, and once it arrived he called me and we made an appointment for him to come back and fix the window the next day. The window was fixed within half an hour from the time these guys arrived. I would definitely recommend them to anyone. They are professional, polite and offer competitive prices for their work...

    Sandra Garwe

    I called him out in a Sunday teatime...he was here within 20 minutes and sorted the problem in 10. Amazing service, thank you very much...would 100% recommend

    Joanne Frith

    Excellent friendly service had me back in the house in no time when my yale lock closed behind me. Thank you Tony

    Dennis Tupper
  • Tony saved the day when we were locked out last month, and we are very grateful! I would honestly recommend him for anyone looking for a locksmith in Leicester, affordable & reliable, just what you need in an emergency! Thanks again Tony and the AJ Locksmiths team.

    Matt Jackson

    Brilliant service, would highly recommend. No call out fee, quoted me a price and arrived when he said he would. Thank you so very much.

    Annette Marissa

    Professional, nice, THE FASTEST AND THE CHEEPEST service in whole LEICESTER! We called them and they were at ours in literally 15 minutes. We've been using their service 2 times and would never call anyone else than AJ LOCKSMITHS! They were always available for us, and what also make them stand out of the rest is that the guy that came to us is the nicest serviseman that I've been talking to since I've moved to this city. 5 stars but if I could I would give even more!

    Nicole Friday
  • Tony provided excellent customer service. Same day, punctual, good advice, listens to the customer and not pushy. I am very pleased with the end result, two broken locks on UPVC doors fixed. I would definitely recommend him.

    Katie Burrows

    Tony is professional, reliable and honest. He provided me with a clear quote, arrived very promptly after I called him and completed the work to a very professional standard. I was very impressed with his services and would highly recommend him. Thank you Tony

    Leanne Tracey

    Excellent Service This from the first phone call to repair, payment and invoice. One of the most professional services I have dealt with from a Google local search. Highly Rated !!

    Brian Rigby
  • Professional and friendly, I would highly recommend Tony & AJ Locksmiths to anyone looking for a reliable locksmith in an emergency!

    Theresa Bond

    Very rapid to respond, very punctual and efficient. He helped describe to us what caused the problem and possible solutions for the fix, and was very fairly priced. If I have another problem again I would not hesitate to give AJ Locksmith a call, and would recommend to anyone.

    Derren Carlisle

    Very friendly and helpful. Would recommend

    Phill Robinson
  • Extremely fast, courteous and professional service. Was pleasantly surprised by the speed of response and the manner in which he resolved my problem. would highly recommend


    Couldn't rate AJ Locksmith highly enough, we were locked out after a night out (our fault we lost the keys!) and Tony came to get us in. He was professional, got us in really quickly and was the cheapest quote we got after ringing round a few companies.

    Leanne Richardson

    Great service and very professional. This is the second time I have used AJ Locksmiths and every time the service is 5 star.

    Christian Taylor
  • Highly recommend good value excellent workmanship clean and tidy turned up when he said he would very good service

    Sarah Goodge

    Excellent, and quick service. Price was good too.

    F3D -

    Fantastic service from AJ Locksmiths very professional would highly recommend.

    Frank kemp
  • Just opening a new retail store in Loughborough. Tony from AJ Locksmiths was great! Helped us install a suited key system into an existing aluminium profile entry door. Thanks Tony.

    Neal Gohill

    Excellent service and brilliant advice. Would highly recommend. Arrived promptly and offered a competitive price. Can't thank enough for the advice given too.

    Georgina Powell

    Excellent customer service when in a very distressing situation as being locked out! Tony was very professional yet friendly and I'm very happy with the finished job! Thank you AJ Locksmith!

    Rose Muston
  • My hero. My front door banged shut when something fell against it as I was outside offloading cardboard to the recycling men! Keys in back door, door locked but a kind neighbour rang Tony and five minutes later I was back inside. Amazing speedy response, polite,confident professional service and have already recommended Tony to three friends. What a great service,thank you.

    Barbara Spence

    Excellent service. Hopefully I'll never lock myself out again, but if I do then I know I'll be in safe hands with Tony. Professional, prompt and cost less than I excepted!!. Thanks


    First class service. Reliable, friendly and honest. I would highly recommend AJ Locksmiths to anyone looking for a trustworthy and affordable locksmith.

    Becki A
  • I don't usually write reviews but in this case I thought I must as I was very impressed with the service and knowledge that Tony of AJ Locksmith showed when he came to look at our lock that had seized. Firstly I was given a polite and well mannered telephone conversation when arranging an appointment. He turned up promptly at the arranged time. With no trouble at all Tony fixed the problem explaining what was happening as he went along, being courteous and tidy at all times. I would definitely recommend AJ Locksmiths to my friends and use his services again.

    Paul “pw” Warhurst

    Brilliant service! I have to share my thoughts about it with you guys because I've never had such a good service before in Leicester. We called AJ LOCKSMITH late night, but anyway they came immediately and solve our problem with locked inside keys. It took 5 minutes which means they are totally professional! I recommend this service to anyone that is struggling with forgeting things like keys from their flats, may the AJ LOCKSMITH be with you 😉

    Elzbieta Sobilo

    A+++++++ all round from start to finish. Very responsive, professional and courteous. Resolved my lock issue very quickly and expertly. An absolutely delightful company to deal with. Customer satisfaction focussed and extremely competitively priced. Thank you for restoring my peace of mind regarding security and safety.

    Angela Spokes
  • Top service, turned up promptly at the time agreed, very knowledgeable, and had the lock changed and the door working in no time, with a very reasonable price.

    steve ryan

    Friendly bloke, professional service, quick, and decent price. Can’t thank you enough.


    Thanks Tony . Excellent service , would highly recommend , to family and friends .

    Lorraine Barratt
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